When you take the step to purchase universal life insurance instead of a term life insurance policy your coverage becomes more than just an insurance policy. Your protection stays in force as long as you make premium payments and until the policy's maturity date.

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Thinking that because you have employer-sponsored coverage you don't need a separate, stand-alone policy can be a costly, and unfortunate, mistake. 

Major life decisions can be difficult to make; the outcome can influence our lives in significant ways for years to come. 

There are two types of disability income insurance: short-term and long-term. If you are considering buying disability insurance, it is important to understand the differences between the two. 

When a major life event occurs, your insurance needs can change. If you don't adjust your coverage to reflect those changes, your policy might not meet your goals anymore. 

For most people who aren't in the insurance or financial services industry, trying to understand what different types of life insurance products are, and how they differ from one another, can be confusing.

With college costs increasing each year, it's never too early to begin saving for your child's education!  With this guide, you'll be able to save for college without stress.

 Relying only on Social Security to fund your retirement would likely mean you wouldn’t have enough money to pay for the ideal retirement life you would like to live.

Life Insurance helps protect your loved ones by providing financial help to pay for final expenses, debts and funds that can help make up for your lost income if you die prematurely.