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The B.E.S.T. sales system was developed by SFG founders and owners Casey Watkins and Brandon Ellison through years of trial and error selling life insurance and annuities to clients all over the country. It is a very unique sales system in that it recognizes the value of the agent’s time,  not just the client’s. At SFG we have a simple philosophy regarding sales: everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold (especially not by an insurance salesperson). We recognize also that time is money, so we have developed a one sit close system that allows our agents the opportunity to spend more time making money and less time prospecting!

Through our exclusive direct mail marketing lead system, we give you the ability to put yourself in front of buyers, not just shoppers. Our new reps that are seasoned field agents are shocked at how simple and efficient our system is. The key is that our clients already know they want and need the coverage for their families, which allows us to work as consultants, not pushy salespeople! Our clients also know that we are coming over to take care of business that day, and since they have already requested the coverage, the only question is what amount of coverage will fit into their budget?

How would you like to write 7-10 applications per week, each averaging over $400 in commission, while only spending 45 minutes in each house?

We do it each and every week, and we have taught hundreds of agents to do the same!

B.E.S.T. - Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we are not successful until you are successful. Our training system is very comprehensive and allows agents to plug in depending upon their schedules. We offer nationwide conference calls and WebEx trainings, audio and video training and we travel the country putting on seminars, teaching you how to run a successful business in the insurance industry. All of our training is FREE. We are in the business of selling insurance, not training materials and sales philosophies!

Now understand this: we are not trying to make anything sound too good to be true. Not everyone is successful with us, and there are several reasons why:

*If you do not like sitting across the table from families and helping them with their finances, then this will not work for you. If you have never done it before, that’s okay! We will teach you all you need to know.

*If you are not interested in spending 5-10 hours per week on the phone, contacting families that have requested your help, then this is not for you. Don’t be confused, there is NO COLD CALLING! But you will be spending time on the phone calling leads.

*If you need the structure of a 9-5 job with a boss, and an alarm clock to start each day, this is not for you.

*If you are not a teachable person, this is not for you. 

So remember, the B.E.S.T. System could be the key to opening the door to your future as an independent business owner. We have taught hundreds how to make a solid six-figure income in the insurance industry; and we teach people every day how to go out and make an extra $2,000 per month as a very part time job. We can teach you how to do the same. Are you ready?