People often underestimate their need for disability coverage, however disability can strike anyone – at any time. In fact, approximately one in five Americans live with a disability today.

Married people often buy life insurance to provide financial protection for their spouses, but does a single parent need life insurance? 

Let’s protect the best and worst that life has to offer. Your journey through life will be unique, filled with successes, challenges, triumphs and setbacks. And, we’d like to help protect all of them. Did you know that many Americans aren’t adequately prepared for the future?

We put together a list of questions that our agents hear most frequently about return of premium coverage to help you make a more informed decision.

Whether you choose a mix of benefits or just one policy, learning about the different types of policies available can help you find coverage that best compliments your lifestyle. 

Deciding who to name as your beneficiary can be challenging. Follow these tips to make the most of your policy designations.

Millennials: your life, career, successes and challenges have all been unique. You deserve a unique approach to securing your long-term financial security.

When an unforeseen medical condition hits, make sure you have disability insurance to provide a safety net for your finances

What is critical care insurance? Who needs it, and how is it different from your regular health insurance policy?

Choosing the right type of insurance policy and determining the amount of coverage you need isn’t necessarily intuitive. Here are seven things you should consider when you’re evaluating life insurance options.