3 Ways QuilityRx Can Benefit Your Clients

June 24, 2022

At Symmetry, we believe in offering our clients a unique experience to make buying life insurance simple. That’s why we provide our agents with proprietary products, platforms and training that elevates that experience for their clients.

QuilityRx is a great example of the benefits our agents can provide their clients. This is a prescription service that gives your clients access to affordable healthcare solutions that can be used nationwide. As a Symmetry agent , QuiltyRx is another perk you can add to your wheelhouse of client benefits to provide a truly one-of-a-kind purchasing experience.

Here we are breaking down three reasons why QuilityRx can be a benefit to your clients.

How does QuilityRx work?

QuilityRx is our solution to the rising cost of healthcare. We believe that your clients should never have to choose between their health and paying medical bills.

Our parent company, Quility, has partnered with a variety of healthcare providers and organizations that provide QuilityRx members with a prescription discount card, so they never have to choose between taking care of themselves or keeping up with bills.

There is no limit to how many times your clients can use their QuilityRx card. If they have a prescription to pick up, they can use the card. Since this discount card is accepted in all 50 states, your clients shouldn’t have trouble finding the lowest prices for their medications.

What’s more, feel free to share these cards with friends, family and anyone you meet who might be interested. We encourage you to spread QuilityRx beyond your clients. If you know someone who would benefit from this discount card, introduce them to QuilityRx. Some Symmetry agents go so far as to print their cards and leave them at local businesses, doctor’s offices and pharmacies.

Beyond that, this card even works for pet medications. Your clients can use QuilityRx to save money on healthcare for their furry friends!

#1: It’s free!

The biggest benefit to your clients is that the QuilityRx discount card is 100% free. Your clients won’t need to worry about subscribing to a service that costs them money even when they’re not using it. They are not even required to purchase a policy to enroll in this discount program.

There are no payments required for your clients to be enrolled, they simply sign up for the discount card and can save money on subscriptions immediately. This is a benefit that is of no cost to them and can be used whenever they need it.

#2: Discount medications

Over 35,000 pharmacies have partnered with QuilityRx to bring your clients the cheapest possible price on all their prescriptions. Just have your clients present their QuilityRx card to the pharmacist, and they’ll search for the most affordable option for their prescription.

QuilityRx works even if your clients already have a health insurance plan. In some cases, your clients’ insurance plan does not cover the full cost of their medication (or even enough to make it affordable). That’s where QuilityRx can help.

Pricing tool

Using the QuilityRx website, your clients can access a pricing tool that makes finding the cheapest prescriptions even easier. After filling in some basic info like the type of medication, dosage and quantity, QuilityRx’s pricing tool will show them nearby pharmacies with the cheapest prescription costs.

Your clients can even download the QuilityRx mobile app, which means they can find the pricing tool whenever they need it.

#3: Access to healthcare solutions

Only 60% of our QuilityRx members already have insurance. There are a lot of clients you can help gain access to healthcare with this discount program. Clients who might otherwise have a lack of resources will benefit by enrolling in QuilityRx.

QuilityRx – Make it your business

QuilityRx is the perfect asset to add to your agent toolbox. It will help you deepen relationships with your clients and keep the brand front and center each month. You can offer these discount cards to any and every client you have. The QuilityRx card they receive will have a group number that will be attached to you, so it’s a great way to keep in touch with your clients and help generate more referrals.

Beyond that, using your group number, you will be compensated in the form of bonuses for every transaction your clients make with their discount card.

If that wasn’t easy enough, we’ve developed business cards that can be downloaded on HQ that have the QuilityRx card printed right on the back. Enrolling your clients is simple.

It is important to point out that QuilityRx should not be the main selling point when meeting with any client. Instead, it should be leveraged as a benefit for anyone considering purchasing a product with you. Consider it an additional perk for meeting with you!

How to enroll

We’ve made enrolling your clients as easy as possible. There is a page on HQ dedicated to quick enrollment for any QuilityRx members. After entering some basic information, you’ll attach your group number which will be printed on the digital version of the card.

The process on your clients’ end is even simpler. After you’ve enrolled them, they can pull the digital card on their phone, show it to their pharmacist and start receiving discounts. There are no other steps for them to enroll.

Keep up with your QuilityRx clients

Once enrolled, your clients will receive emails from our corporate office to ensure they aren’t having any issues with the program, or if they have any questions, they’ll have easy access to the answers they need.

QuilityRx is a great way to stay in touch with your clients and can even be used as a recruitment tool.

Help your clients with QuilityRx

We are proud to continue finding ways to help our agents give their clients a unique experience when working with Symmetry. QuilityRx is an example of those efforts, and we know that with this benefit you can help your clients find affordable healthcare whatever their situation may be.

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