4 Teambuilding Exercises for Your Agency

Sept. 23, 2022

Sure, trust falls are always a good time until someone takes a coffee break and one of your agents lands on the breakroom table. So, instead of letting your team members catch each other, we have some teambuilding event ideas that you can add to your wheelhouse.

We’re bringing you not three or five, but four teambuilding exercises that you and your agency can use at your next organizational event! Hopefully, one or two of these entries will be valuable to you and your agency as you grow your team.

#1: Company field day

Are you curious which of your teammates can carry an egg on a spoon further? Chances are, so are they. Hosting an agency-wide field day is a great way to generate teambuilding skills for your organization, even if some of those teams will face off in a three-legged race or a contest to see who can kick their untied shoes furthest.

Your team members might even want to design custom t-shirts to show off their separate teams for the big event. That'll just be another sub-exercise for getting your agents and staff mingling! Build those shirts and build those teams.

Hosting a company field day is a great way to improve the foundation of your agency.

#2: Karaoke

Hearing one of your quiet agents belt out the lyrics to their favorite Lizzo song is sure to bring your team members closer together. Hosting a karaoke event for your agency is a great way to get those songbirds out of their cages and start building some trust as an organization.

The trick to a successful karaoke outing with your team is to not make singing mandatory. Some of your team members might have a song in their hearts while others might enjoy just watching. Regardless, getting everyone together for some sing-a-longs is sure to improve the morale of your organization.

#3: Yoga sessions

Say Namaste to one of the most relaxing team-building exercises – yoga. Gather your team members together for an opportunity to center themselves and find some inner peace. As far as exercises go, yoga takes time and patience. With that in mind, this isn’t a one-and-done type of teambuilding event, instead, it’s something you’ll want to make a recurring event for you and your team.

Not only is a routine yoga session good for teambuilding, but it also is a great way to improve your team’s mental and physical health. Stretching every day has proven to have cardiovascular benefits as well as being a protective measure against chronic inflammation. This is especially important for individuals whose position requires them to sit at a desk for long periods of time.

By scheduling regular yoga sessions, you can promote happiness, improved mental and physical health and comradery within your team.

#4: Volunteer work

Finally, we have volunteer work – an exercise where everyone involved wins. Regardless of the type of volunteer work you decide on, getting together to make an impact on your community is a wonderful example of a team-building exercise.

Choose your favorite local nonprofit and schedule a time when your team can come together to lend a hand. You might decide to help with a local food drive or have a team build with Habitat for Humanity . Volunteer work is a great way to have your team feel positive about making positive changes, but it’s also important for building a brand and culture for your organization.

Like the yoga sessions, volunteer work is something you want to reoccur throughout the year.

Through volunteer work, you can promote interpersonal skills amongst your team members while cultivating a sense of purpose that exists outside of your business. What’s more, volunteer work is a great way to make new connections as an organization.

Honorable mentions

When it comes to teambuilding exercises, our good ideas just kept going. We had a difficult time narrowing down our list of things you can do with your team to just four. To that end, we’re including some honorable mentions that you can keep in your back pocket.

Dodge ball

Your agents may be able to avoid confrontation or sell an annuity like nobody’s business, but can they dodge a ball? Find out by hosting an agency dodgeball tournament.

Scavenger hunt

Hosting an organization-wide scavenger hunt is a fun way to get your team members working together. It’s also an opportunity to highlight some core values of your business. For example, if making a local impact is important to your agency, maybe finding and disposing of one bag of garbage per person is a great way to clean up the community while hosting a fun event.

Campfire stories (s’mores)

Nothing beats the experience of sharing lived experiences quite like hosting a series of campfire stories. Here, your team members can come together to offer their stories. If you include some s’mores, it can’t hurt.

Build your team with Symmetry

When getting an agency (or any organization) together, it’s not enough to just hire team members. To truly build your team, it’s important to build their communication skills and have them working to support one another.

Hopefully, an exercise on this list will strike a chord with you and be a valuable asset for the future of your organization. Whether you’re joining in on a heartfelt rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” or working together to help the community, team building is vital to the cultural health of your organization.

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