4 Ways To Celebrate Love With Life Insurance

Feb. 17, 2023

The month of February is traditionally reserved for celebrating love — love for family, friends and partners. As a life insurance agent , it’s a great month to help your clients evaluate their financial needs and protect the ones they love.

Whether they’re hoping to cover a beloved family member for a set length of time, or they want to help an aging loved one prepare for their final expenses, there is a life insurance solution to help.

In this blog, we will break down four insurance products that your clients are sure to fall in love with. Whether they want customizable coverage that covers their loved ones when they pass or an insurance product that can help them eliminate debt to help plan a brighter future with their partner, you can help them find the perfect insurance solution this February.

February love

February is the time of year when most will spend money on expensive dinner reservations, trips to the spa or intricate flower arrangements. It’s a month that typically uses material purchases to represent intangible feelings of love and appreciation.

Instead of fancy baubles, help your clients tackle their financial goals with a life insurance product this February. After all, the crux of all life insurance purchases is care. It’s a means of protecting our loved ones from a future without us. Your clients can have a plan in place that protects the future of their family, friends and finances.

#1: Quility Level Term

Term life insurance is the perfect option for clients who are starting a new family. Specifically, our parent company, Quility, has created Quility Level Term (QLT), a customizable term life insurance policy that will fit any client’s term life needs.

With QLT your clients can choose coverage of up to $1 million and for term lengths that range from 10-30 years. With this type of life insurance policy, your clients can provide additional coverage for themselves while their children grow into adulthood.

Losing a parent or guardian would create an unnecessary financial burden for your clients’ children. QLT can help them protect their loved ones’ childhood even if they’re not around to experience it.

Charitable rider

Quility Level Term also includes some unique riders to make it even more appealing. QLT includes a charitable rider within the policy free of charge, which allows your clients to include their favorite non-profit as a secondary beneficiary.

It’s a great option for clients who want to highlight their love for their community with their next insurance purchase.

#2: Universal life insurance

Second on our list of loveable insurance products is universal life insurance . Like your clients’ love, this type of life insurance is permanent. Considered to be one of the most flexible kinds of life insurance, universal life policies give your clients choices when it comes to their payments and death benefit.

They can make periodic changes to the amount they want to pay monthly (or annually) to align with their needs at that time. What’s more, with the cash value component of your client’s universal life coverage, they can set additional (tax-deferred) money aside. Once the value of the product has matured, they can then borrow from it or surrender the policy (affecting the amount of the death benefit) for the cash value’s full amount.

A universal life policy is a great product for clients who want to cover themselves (and their loved ones) at a pace that matches their financial needs.

#3: Debt Free Life®

If your clients are hoping to rid themselves and loved ones of debt this February, our proprietary product, Debt Free Life (DFL), is an ideal solution. DFL leverages the power of an insurance policy to help your clients systematically tackle each of their loans — without spending more on payments than they already are.

Whether they’re dealing with student loans, car payments or maxed-out credit cards, DFL will give your clients a timeline of when they can expect to become debt-free. Here’s a hint: they’ll achieve financial freedom in much less time.

Debt Free Life is the perfect valentine’s day gift for your clients who are recently married and want to work on financial goals with their partner. It allows them to eliminate debt in fewer years so that they can spend more time on investments like a new home or retirement.

4: Final expense

As your clients grow older, they’ll want to be more prepared for their end-of-life expenses. According to the National Funeral Directors Association , the average cost of a funeral in 2021 ranged from $6,971 to $7,848.

As a Symmetry agent, you can help them with a final expense insurance policy to fit their needs. With this type of policy, your clients’ loved ones will be set when it’s time to plan for their funeral or other end-of-life expenses.

Their loved ones will want to remember them fondly, which is why a final expense policy will remove the anxiety that can come from planning after losing a family member or friend.

Spread the love with Symmetry

In between heart-shaped sweets and sweet-smelling flowers, your clients will be happy to know they have a policy in place to protect their loved ones from the inevitable or unexpected. As a Symmetry agent, you can help them find the perfect policy.

This February, connect your clients with an insurance solution that will cover their assets, eliminate their debt or spare their loved ones from financial burden. What better way to spread love than by the peace of mind that comes with life insurance?

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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