4 Ways the FIF Reset Program is Helping Agents and Clients

Dec. 16, 2022

At Symmetry Financial Group, we’re always looking for ways to elevate our agents’ business and pave the way in the life insurance industry. We give our agents the tools to succeed and the support and training to make those tools the most effective.

A great example of one of those tools in practice is our Financial Information Form (FIF) and how it works within our FIF Resets Program. With this tool, agents can better solve their client’s needs while generating more business for themselves.

Here we will break down how the FIF works and four ways the FIF Reset Program is helping our agents help their clients every day.

Financial Information Form

The Financial Information Form was created to help our agents pinpoint their clients’ needs without over or underinsuring them.

It uses a list of questions to zero in on what kind of product your client needs and how much coverage that product will come with. The FIF will require details from your clients like their mortgage information, insurance information, additional assets and their monthly income and expenses.

The FIF will ask if your clients overpay on any of their debts and by how much. At the end of the form, the FIF will decide how much coverage your client can afford, and which product is ideal for their financial goals.

FIF Reset Program

Using the expertise of the FIF, our FIF Resets Program uses the data you collect for your clients to make more sales while building a passive income. Beyond that, this program leverages the knowledge of your fellow agents to help your existing clients.

Referred to as the resetting agent, agents who are more familiar with the product offering can step in to help close the sale, and both agents receive a commission. This process is known as a reset and allows Symmetry agents to work together to build their business while helping clients meet all their financial goals.

The FIF Reset Program helps our agents and clients in four distinct ways.

#1: Customized guidance for the client

Above all else, the program fits your client with the absolute best-fit insurance product. It helps narrow down where they need coverage and how much is necessary. Using their finances, it will also make sure they have the most affordable option presented to them.

With the FIF Resets Program, your client will also have access to every product we offer — Debt Free Life, IULs, asset protection with annuities and more.

#2: Provide a stronger case for the sale

By using the FIF Resets Program, you can make a stronger and more logical case for a sale with your client. The FIF takes a data-driven approach to fitting your client with an insurance solution. As the agent, you will walk them through this process, and by the end you can illustrate the thought process that leads to the offered product.

Using this data-driven approach will help you close on all your sales, including any that are made by the resetting agent.

#3: Passive income to the agent

Working with the FIF Reset Program is a great way for Symmetry agents to generate a passive income. By allowing the resetting agent to fit their clients with additional products means more business for our agents. With split commissions, both agents are generating an income with each reset.

The more clients the agent works with, the wider that net of passive income becomes. Each reset is an opportunity to create repeat clients while engaging with them like never before.

#4: Powerful engagement with clients

By leveraging the FIF Reset Program, Symmetry agents can engage more effectively with clients and their financial goals. The Financial Information Form helps build a case of financial authority that your clients can rely on. With each reset, they’ll be more inclined to trust the advice they receive and more likely to purchase another product with us.

Ultimately, this program elevates what might be a one-off buying experience and turns it into a trusted financial relationship between Symmetry Financial Group and the client.

All on HQ

The FIF Reset Program is completely digital using our one stop site for all things life insurance , HQ. Symmetry agents can log into HQ when they’re in front of the client, fill out the FIF form, and get real time guidance on products, coverage amount and eventually the resetting agent.

All FIF information is stored in HQ, where agents can keep track of any details about the client that might help them find more opportunities for coverage. Beyond that, they can leave notes for the resetting agent to help strengthen any future sales.

As always, we’re here to support our agents in learning how to effectively use all our technology. When it comes to the FIF Reset Program, Symmetry agents have access to a host of resources that bring them up to speed.

On HQ agents can find scripts that walk them through how to use the FIF form from product to product. They’ll also find webinars to see the program in practice for both the original and the resetting agent. Everything from lead creation to initial outreach is illustrated on HQ for agents to learn and grow from.

Build a passive income with Symmetry

With support like the FIF Reset Program, our agents are more effective in the field while generating a passive income. It’s tools like these that Symmetry excels at producing, and with them our agents can be more successful at helping families and growing their businesses.

Symmetry Financial Group agents have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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