5 Ways To Have Fun With Zoom Calls

June 16, 2022

Working remotely comes with its share of challenges. The recent pandemic has pushed many people to home offices and communicating with co-workers virtually.

For life insurance agents , everything from appointments with clients to agency meetings takes place over a computer screen. Now, any teambuilding activities you have with your team might need to happen over Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Here at Symmetry, we are invested in our core value of “Having fun and getting stuff done.” We believe that virtual meetings (whether with clients or the rest of your team) can be an opportunity for fun.

Coming together as a team is important and finding ways to make those meetings enjoyable is key to staying connected in a digital space.

We put together a list of five options that can “raise the roof” at your next Zoom call.

#1: All the backgrounds

Maybe an obvious first addition to this list is the fun you can have with backgrounds. Sure, you might be locked into a mundane background of whatever your remote office looks like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up with some fun Zoom backgrounds.

For instance, maybe your clients will get a kick out of meeting with you to the backdrop of the diner from "Seinfeld" or the couch from "The Simpsons."

Your options are only limited by the images  you find in your Google searches. You can make your virtual office whatever you want it to be.

If you’re hoping for a more branded background, we have you covered. All Symmetry agents have access to our one-stop site, HQ. There they can download Symmetry branded backgrounds that, while not as fun as the hallway from "The Shining," will give them a professional touch to their Zoom calls.

#2: Choose your filters

Our second suggestion for spicing up your Zoom calls is filters. Filters are everywhere these days, whether it’s people donning virtual cat ears or talking through a full-body Shrek filter, there are plenty of options.

For insurance agents, it’s probably best to avoid filters with your clients so as not to confuse them, but when it comes to meetings with your team, filters are a great way to get some laughs. Imagine your co-workers' delight when you show up as a talking tomato or with the ability to breathe fire with a dragon filter.

#3: Debate team

On to our first not-so-obvious suggestion: debates! We don’t mean debating serious things like politics or the environment; this is meant to be fun. Try hosting virtual debates over outrageous topics. It’s a great avenue for team building.

Break up your team into two sides and see what arguments can be made on topics like “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” or “What’s the one superpower you wouldn’t want to have?”. The more outrageous the question, the more fun your team will have debating their stance.

#4: Virtual team-building bingo

Breakout rooms in Zoom are a function that often goes underused, and that’s a shame. We’re hoping to amend that with our fourth idea of adding fun to your Zoom calls: virtual bingo.

With virtual bingo, each team member will build a unique bingo sheet where they try and guess the opinions and thoughts of their fellow agents. Using their custom sheets, break up your team into random groups for breakout rooms. There they can ask questions in each room and try to check off boxes for bingo. Keep changing up the breakout rooms until someone lands a bingo!

Not only is this a great way to bring your team together, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to break some ice.

Need some good ideas for the bingo sheet? Here are a few that we think are fun:

  • Has a pet with a human name

  • Likes mint chocolate

  • Has a TikTok account

  • Thinks a hotdog is a sandwich

#5: Dance party

It’s time to put on those blue suede shoes! Hosting a virtual dance party works for your clients or your team. The key to a successful dance party is to make sure you’re all on the same page (or note). Start by inviting your attendees to add to a shared playlist where they can add their favorite tunes to boogie to.

Once that is done, ask everyone to spruce up their screen with something that makes them want to dance. Maybe they’ll choose a lava lamp or maybe a background with a light-up disco floor. Whatever it is, the idea here is to create the illusion that you’re all cutting a rug together.

Honorable mentions

With so many great ideas to choose from, it was difficult narrowing this list down to just five. With that in mind, we have some honorable mentions that you and your team might enjoy.

Guided meditation

Be present and generate some Zen with your team. Guided meditations through Zoom are a great way to keep everyone connected and centered during a hectic work week.

Book Club

Whether it’s Pride and Prejudice or a collection of Far Side comics, the material doesn’t matter. Bringing the team together to read and discuss is a wonderful option for breaking up the monotony of video meetings.

Tiny campfire

Spend some time under the virtual stars by hosting a virtual campfire with your team. With the help of a tabletop fire pit, you can do everything from roasting marshmallows to telling ghost stories from the comfort of your remote office. Also, s’mores. We cannot emphasize that enough.

Get your virtual fun on with Symmetry

That’s our list! Hopefully, there’s something here that can help add some flavor to your next client call or team meeting. At Symmetry, we believe that if you’re not enjoying your work then you’re probably not doing it right. Until next time, we have a tiny campfire to get to…

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