5 Ways to Improve Your Agency's Culture

Dec. 30, 2022

A crucial part of any organization’s growth is its culture. How staff interact with clients, their community and one another says a lot about the company, and helps potential customers decide if they want to work with that company ( or agent! ).

With that in mind, building a positive culture is important for any growing life insurance agency. Culture can help spread brand awareness while building a positive brand reputation that clients will seek out for their purchases.

Here we will break down five ways you can improve your agency’s culture. What’s more, each entry on this list is represented by at least one of our core values.  From donating to non-profits to working on personal growth, each will give you an idea of what it means to have a positive culture and some steps to help get there.

This list includes The Ripple Model ™, a Quility initiative meant to support our agents and clients alike in the pursuit of a positive culture and community presence. Read on to learn how this organizational initiative is driving organization-wide improvements for Symmetry Financial Group.

#1: Philanthropy

Organizational culture should include philanthropy. Through philanthropic strategies, companies can display values that surpass monetary gain. Helping your community through donations is a great way to improve your culture while ensuring more business within that community.

Our core value, “Relationships matter, people come first” speaks to a passion for philanthropy that all successful organizations adhere to. Philanthropy gives your team members tangible means of contributing to your culture. Through agency-hosted fundraising or giving-back events, you can improve the culture for your agents and clients alike.

#2: Volunteer hours

Another core value of ours is “Being of service and doing good in the world.” Volunteer hours are an excellent way of promoting good in the world. Whether it’s an evening helping a local soup kitchen or an agency-hosted community cleanup, any volunteer work is a great way to build team morale while establishing a positive brand in your community.

Providing these opportunities during work hours is a great way to illustrate the priority that volunteering has within your agency’s culture. Be sure to provide your team members with opportunities to contribute to the agency’s culture through volunteer hours with local non-profits.

#3: Team-building exercises

Another great way to improve your agency’s culture is through team-building exercises . They can run the gambit but what’s important is that your team finds genuine ways to work together and build trust. These exercises should also help hone agents’ communication skills and give them experience in supporting one another.

Our core value, “We work as a true team and strive to be a positive influence,” is a big part of Symmetry’s culture, so consider adding some team-building exercises your agency.

Agency-hosted events like a company field day or scavenger hunt can strengthen your team while everyone is having a good time. After all, another core value of ours is “We have fun and get stuff done.”

#4: Wellness programs

Our fourth entry is all about wellness programs. With so many agents working remotely, it’s more important than ever to make sure your team has the time to focus on inner peace and personal growth . Wellness programs are a great way to boost your agency’s culture while placing a priority on your team’s mental and physical health.

Every agency's wellness program will look different, but if you’re struggling to come up with some ideas here are a few examples:

•    Agency-hosted yoga and meditation time
•    Team book clubs (with material that focuses on personal growth)
•    Gym membership reimbursements
•    Agency-wide nutrition programs

Any effort to support the well-being of your team members will go a long way towards improving the overall culture of your agency.

#5: The Ripple Model ™

Last, but not least, is The Ripple Model , a directive put together by our parent company, Quility, to give our agents the blueprints for a positive culture. Combining data and heart, The Ripple Model gives Symmetry agents and corporate staff alike opportunities to grow as individuals (and professionals) and to help magnify our impact as an organization.

With The Ripple Model, we put every means of improving our organization’s culture to work. It hosts resources for philanthropy, team building and wellness programs. Altogether, it gives our agents and corporate staff every opportunity to contribute to our consistently growing culture.

Specifically, The Ripple Model is structured around three pillars that each uniquely impact our organization’s culture.

Community Outreach

The Ripple Model strives to enrich communities with acts of service and support. Through philanthropy and volunteering, Symmetry agents are encouraged to contribute to these endeavors and make a greater impact in their communities.

Women+ Empowerment

Connecting the collective feminine power is critical to the second pillar of The Ripple Model. By amplifying the voices of every agent and corporate staff who identifies as a woman, The Ripple Model cultivates a more inclusive work environment that drives us toward a more positive culture.

Well-Being and Personal Growth

Symmetry understands that the well-being of our agents and corporate staff is paramount to the success of our organization. The Ripple Model includes a series of wellness programs to make sure that every team member is living with intention and in alignment with their highest selves.

Cultivate a positive culture with Symmetry

Culture is the heart and soul of any successful organization. Finding ways to improve that culture is a constant for any business hoping to attract more clients while building a positive environment for its team.

With The Ripple Model, Symmetry agents can take part in a culture we’re proud to call our own.

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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