6 Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Gathering

Oct. 28, 2022

Be the ghost host with the most at your fall get-together this year! Hosting a gathering this October is a great way to get members of your community together, generate some extra business and have a spooky time.

As a life insurance agent , hosting a fall-time party is a great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors and community while creating an opportunity to meet more prospective clients.

Here we’re going to break down six ways to spice up your own party this October while educating your guests on the importance of life insurance!

#1: Bobbing for riders

Our first entry is a take on a classic fall party game — bobbing for apples. For the uninitiated, party guests will dunk their heads into a bucket filled with apples floating in water. They will try their best to bite onto as many bobbing fruits as possible. The guest who’s retrieved the most is the winner!

With this new twist, however, you’ll need to add some blank circular stickers (the kind you’d use at a garage sale). Write a different life insurance rider on each blank sticker that your guests will find at the bottom of the apples.

They might come back with a return of premium apple (referencing the return of premium rider which would refund a client’s monthly premiums should they outlive their policy) or a charitable rider (which allows clients to add their favorite non-profit as a secondary beneficiary).

It's a great way to get educational with your favorite fruit-related party game. Your guests are sure to have a firmer grasp on all the exciting riders they can add to a potential life insurance policy. What’s more, with limited underwriting on a lot of the products you can offer, you’ll have an excellent opening for the “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” joke.

#2: Mummy wrap

Another fall party classic is playing mummy wrap. Break your guests out into groups of three and give each team a few rolls of toilet paper (the fewer the ply the more challenging). Then the teams will choose one person and the other two will rush to cover them head to toe in toilet paper. The key to winning the mummy wrap is that your guests crypt calm, and it’ll be a competition they’re bound to love.

The mummy wrap game is also a great time to explain how any given life insurance policy will keep your clients covered. Whether they need something protected for a certain term or the rest of their lives, you can help them find the best-fit solution.

There’s also the added entertainment of watching your mummified guests try to walk around.

#3: Treats (not tricks) buffet

It’s not a fall party without some fall-time treats to share with your guests. Having a full range of tasty snacks to choose from will ensure all your guests have something to eat. It’s also a good idea to contribute some healthy options as an alternative to sugary candies.

Throw together some cream cheese spider bites by arranging some sliced black olives in the form of small spiders on a layer of cream cheese spread on a thin slice of sweet potato. Or instead, think about making a plate of peanut butter and apple monster teeth. You’ll just need to sandwich two slices of apple together with peanut butter in between and some well-spaced sunflower seeds to act as the teeth.

Whatever treats you leave out for your guests, having some healthy options is a great way to highlight the importance of living healthily when possible (and it doesn’t hurt to have a bowl somewhere filled to the brim with Twix and Reese’s Cups).

#4: Spooky playlist

Nothing sets a mood like the ambiance of a good playlist. Make sure to have yours ready with all the fall-time favorites. “Monster Mash” on repeat or the full attraction soundtrack to Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion” both make for some frightfully fun options.

In between those though, be sure to add some highlights from Symmetry’s own life insurance agent playlist . There are sure to be some tracks here that will help highlight the importance of life insurance!

#5: Costume contest

Encourage your guests to dress up for the party. It’s always fun to see what everyone decides to come as and the creativity behind the costumes. If you know enough people are going to be dressing up, hosting a costume contest is a great way to encourage even more creativity while promoting some friendly competition.

Struggling to think of what costume you’ll wear? Well don’t lose your head, we’ve already created a list of costumes that would be a hit at your party. Whether you choose to go as Sherlock Holmes or Symmetry’s own Polly the Policy, you can’t go wrong with any of these entries.

Lastly, ask your guests to vote on some costume categories. Best costume, best couple costume and most creative are good ones to start with. Don’t forget to set aside some prizes for the contest winners!

#6: Branded photo booth

With so many people in costume, having a photo booth is a fun way to create tangible memories at your fall party. You won’t need an actual booth to accomplish this either. Just set aside a section of the party for snapping some pics. If you include some fun props (maybe a couple of glowing jack-o’-lanterns or a few witch hats) you can make some October-themed photo opportunities.

If you wanted to take this photo booth to the next level, you could consider making the backdrop Symmetry-branded. HQ, our one-stop site for everything agents need , has an extensive marketing section with branded Zoom backgrounds and business cards.

While we haven’t developed any branded photo booth backgrounds for agents quite yet, you should be able to get some good ideas of what one might look like.

Have some fun this fall with Symmetry

Whatever your fall get-together looks like, we hope you find something here to use and have a safe and enjoyable October!

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