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April 8, 2022

An organization’s culture is increasingly important to employees and clients alike. When done correctly, positive work culture can foster benefits that are long-lasting and beneficial to the growth of your organization. Beyond that, your company’s culture will establish a reputation for clients, recruits and existing employees. Having a positive work culture is an investment with an impactful payoff.

As an insurance agent , culture is the difference between enjoying your work and feeling as if you’re not achieving enough in your personal and professional life. At Symmetry, we believe that without a positive work culture we wouldn’t be the organization we are today. Whether it’s core values, employee benefits or our mission writ large, we strive to give our agents the benefit of a positive work culture that allows them to grow along with us. Here we will break down what culture looks like and the many benefits it brings.


What does culture look like in life insurance?

Building a culture for your agency is something that will happen with or without a plan. Culture is something that is crafted and modified with every choice your organization makes. With that in mind, it’s critical that the choices your agency makes align with your vision of a positive culture.  The best way to nurture a healthy work culture is to be intentional with your organization’s purpose and ensure that you’re consistently fostering a positive work environment.

As a life insurance agency, this means making choices that promote a positive impact on your clients, agents and communities. To that end, it’s no different than any other type of business. Culture looks like giving your employees opportunities to better themselves professionally and personally and in an environment where they feel comfortable doing so. Everything from competitive employee benefits and teambuilding to wellness programs and volunteer opportunities all go a long way in building a positive work culture.

By being intentional with the foundation of your organization’s culture, you can set yourself up for success and build a path to a healthy work environment. Your agency might consider developing organizational goals, competitive employee benefits and philanthropic pursuits early on to establish a roadmap to a healthy work culture.

Organizational goals

One of the best ways to begin defining your agency’s culture is to set organizational goals. These goals can take a few different shapes, but what’s more important is the effect that reaching these goals will have on your organization. For example, your agency might decide to have an organizational goal in the form of raising money for a local non-profit. This would be a goal that isn’t concerned with the profitability of your agency but is instead interested in making an impact in your community.

Your agency might instead have an organizational goal that is focused on the betterment of your agents. You could then consider developing a wellness program that promotes personal time (during work hours) that gives your employees designated time to focus on their mental health. When deciding what your organization’s goals should be it’s important to consider how the goal will impact your agency’s culture.

Employee benefits

Another opportunity to add to your agency's positive work culture is through the benefits you provide for your agents and employees. Competitive pay, ample time off and retirement options are now considered commonplace. It’s the challenge of employers to find new ways to help support their agents and employees with progressive benefits. Offering options for maternity and paternity leave, remote work and equity sharing are examples of how your agency can go above and beyond in providing unique employee benefits.

Putting a lot of intention into these employee benefits is a great way to cultivate a positive work culture. It illustrates a priority for making sure everyone in the organization is benefiting from the growth of your agency.


Philanthropy is key to any organization’s efforts in building a positive work culture. Through philanthropic work, your agency can accomplish two things. First, by adding philanthropy to your organizational culture, you’re demonstrating the value your agency places on giving back. By making an impact in your community, you’re attaching that value to your brand. This is good for attracting clients, recruits and even future partners who are attracted to your culture.

Additionally, philanthropy is a great way to have your agents feel like they have opportunities to impact their community. By hosting agency-sponsored charity events, you can reinforce the value of being a positive influence above all else.

Volunteer work

Giving your agents and staff opportunities to volunteer can be a great way to add to your company’s culture. Volunteering will give your employees a sense of purpose outside of work. The key is to provide these opportunities during work hours. Doing so will reinforce the idea that making an impact on your community is a part of your organization’s foundation. It will also give your agents a sense of accomplishment when making a difference.

Benefits of culture

The benefits of culture to an organization are vast. Culture gives employees and clients alike a glimpse at what your organization values and makes a priority. A defined culture for your agency means more positive visibility within your community — which is sure to impact your ability to recruit, reach clients and spread brand awareness.

Beyond that, by fine-tuning your culture you can create a workplace where your agents are more productive and happier. The best part of defining a positive work culture is that there is no downside. Everyone benefits from a healthy work environment.

Spread brand awareness

A positive work culture for your agency is a great way to spread awareness about your business. Communities respond to companies that demonstrate values beyond profitability. By establishing a culture that supports your community (through volunteer work or donating to local charities), you can help boost your agency’s reputation with your community.

Trusted organizations are more likely to succeed in everything from reaching clients to retaining talent. With a positive work culture, your agency’s brand can reach more people and build a noteworthy reputation.

Benefits your agents

Research has found that the bulk of stress for most Americans is work-related. Whether it’s dealing with a negative work environment, feeling overwhelmed or simply underappreciated, without a positive work culture in place your agents could be at a disadvantage. By fostering a positive work culture, you can help reduce turnover, burnout and even stress-related health issues among your agents and staff.

What’s more, there have been several studies that have pointed to healthy work environments leading to higher productivity organizationally. By creating dynamics for your employees that embrace teamwork and collaboration, you can help cut out a lot of workplace stressors. Additionally, with remote work, your agents can create their own workplace and take comfort in a space tailored to fit their needs.

Culture at Symmetry

We are proud of the culture we have built at Symmetry Financial Group . We take our core values seriously and use them as a guide in every choice we make. We offer bonus structures, chances to give back and an opportunity to obtain a work-life balance, all of which build a sought-after work environment for our agents and corporate staff.

Through wellness initiatives like Thrive, we give every member of our organization the tools to better themselves personally and professionally. Through Symmetry Impact, our agents have the chance to make impactful contributions to their community through volunteer work and charitable donations. Additionally, our Connect program amplifies the work and impact of the women of Symmetry with monthly calls, meetings and events.

Each of these initiatives was created to give our sales force and corporate staff the tools to make an impact on themselves and those around them.

Grow with Symmetry

Culture is the foundation of any successful organization. That’s why we are intentional with how we approach everything from our core values to the initiatives meant to support our agents and corporate staff. Our core value of a “relentless pursuit of growth” is a mission we share with every member of our organization. Whether it’s wellness initiatives to help our agents grow or remote work that promotes a healthy work-life balance, we believe in growing together.

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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