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March 17, 2023

Wealth management is a service that most consider too costly or for people with more money in the bank. It’s an unfortunate truth that professional wealth management has historically been a privilege granted only to Americans with enough money to play with.

Wealth management, retirement preparation and debt elimination are valuable services that middle Americans could benefit from. Fiduciaries are the traditional providers of those services, and while anyone can become a fiduciary, it’s the professional groups that give expert advice with a costly price tag.

Our parent company, Quility, has a resolution to this dilemma — Quility Financial Advisors (QFA). The expert advisors who work with QFA are helping clients find financial freedom and collaborating with Symmetry agents to build a passive income. This translates to success for everyone involved.

Here we’ll break down the role of a fiduciary, how many Americans could benefit from their services and where QFA fits into that equation.

Fiduciaries to the rescue

Fiduciaries, unlike other financial advisors, can be anyone. Regardless of their education, experience or background, anyone your clients trust can be appointed as a fiduciary. Their brother, co-worker or grade-school teacher can all technically fulfill the role of fiduciary, so long as they abide by two key duties:

•    Duty of loyalty
•    Duty of care

Duty of loyalty means that the fiduciary must have the client’s best interest in mind above all else. They must make choices that benefit the client alone. Fiduciaries must inform the client of any choices that they make that generate a profit for them.

The duty of care speaks to the amount of risk fiduciaries can expose the client to. Ideally, they would make informed and cautious financial decisions that mitigate the amount of loss the client experiences.

While balancing these two duties, fiduciaries are tasked with finding smart investment options that grow the client’s wealth without unnecessary risk. They can also help clients eliminate debt, plan for retirement and find financial tools to reach their goals.

Anyone can be a fiduciary, but the most successful fiduciaries are equipped with experience and proprietary technology. Cue Quility Financial Advisors.

Quility Financial Advisors

Quility Financial Advisors (QFA) gives your clients access to a wealth of resources to grow their financial portfolios. QFA was created with the mindset of helping clients who’ve traditionally not had opportunities for expert financial guidance.
Beyond that, fiduciaries with QFA can help your existing clients find gaps in coverage, products to help with retirement planning and more. Symmetry agents are benefiting from this collaboration in the form of happy clients and a passive income that continues to grow.

Helping Middle America with wealth management

The type of services that come with Quility Financial Advisors has historically been costly and only available to high-net-worth clients. QFA is a response to that dilemma.

QFA leverages algorithmic technology to manage retirement and investment opportunities for your clients despite their economic backgrounds. Your client’s QFA fiduciary will help them build wealth, mitigate losses and eliminate debt.

Investment vehicles and products

There are many products and solutions that an advisor can offer your client . Depending on financial goals, the advisor will find the perfect investment vehicle or product to meet those needs.

Quility Financial Advisors have access to a full list of customizable products. Using a data-driven approach, they will find the perfect match based on your client's financial well-being and stage of life.

If they’re looking to prepare for retirement, the advisor might recommend an annuity to help build passive wealth. If they want to increase their disposable income, the advisor can help them choose the safest investment vehicle to build the most wealth, and if they want to eliminate existing debt, the QFA fiduciary can set them up with an insurance solution to help them live a debt-free life .

Working with Symmetry agents

Symmetry agents have just as much to gain from this collaboration with QFA as clients do. With each client interaction, agents can build a passive income supported by products that fill in financial gaps for their clients.

The QFA fiduciary and Symmetry agent receive split commissions on any products or annuities that the client chooses during their financial planning. Beyond that, any assets that are under management by the advisor are attached to the original agent. Whenever those assets mature to become annuities, the agent sees an additional split with the fiduciary.

Client education

While products and wealth management are key to the success of your client’s financial goals, education is one of the greatest benefits they will receive from their QFA fiduciary.

Advisors will guide your clients through every choice they make while working with QFA. Details on how every investment and product works are critical to your client’s understanding of the path forward and the benefit of their advisor’s decisions.

Beyond that, it generates trust and authority for both you and their QFA fiduciary. This kind of lasting relationship keeps your clients informed and more likely to choose you for their future financial investments.

Experience the Symmetry difference

Investment vehicles, loss mitigation and debt elimination are three examples of how an advisor with QFA can help your clients achieve financial wellness while preparing for retirement. Not only are they a major benefit for your clients, but they also help you develop a strong passive income with repeat business.

Quility Financial Advisors is helping middle America grow more wealth while allowing agents to forge lasting relationships with their clients.

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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