Best Insurance Jobs in 2021

May 14, 2021

Looking for a career change or thinking about a job in the insurance industry? A career in the insurance industry can provide you with the opportunity to gain financial security, job security, the possibility of owning your own business, exponential room for growth, and a wide variety of job options.

Insurance jobs also offer security during an economic downturn as insurance is generally recession-proof due to insurance companies being more fiscally conservative than average and Americans needing insurance whether the economy is strong or weak. Additionally, many professionals in the industry are expected to retire in the next two to six years, which means more opportunities for new professionals entering the field.

Opportunities in the Insurance Industry

Research and Customer Service

If you are interested in a more research-oriented position, a claims processor may be an option for you. Claims processors find out whether claims are legitimate or not and interact with a wide variety of industry professionals to make sure that clients receive fair payouts. While this position includes research, it also involves customer service. Claims processors generally earn around $30,000 per year.

Concentrated Research

If you would prefer less client contact and more research, one option is to become an insurance investigator. They follow up on claims that may not have been reported accurately or investigate confusion regarding the claim. As an investigator, you would look at evidence such as the accident site and/or interview individuals associated with the claim to find out who is liable and how much should be paid as part of the claims process. Investigators usually earn around $65,000 per year. Other options in concentrated research include underwriter or risk management analyst.

Insurance Sales Jobs

Insurance sales agents act as the connection point between the customer and the insurance company. The agent's goal is to fit each client with a plan that is right for their situation. You will explain what coverage is available to your client, help them select the coverage they require, complete the necessary forms, and handle any follow-up questions the insurance company may have. If you love to engage with people in a meaningful way, an insurance agent career might be the career for you. According to ZipRecruiter , insurance agents earn on average $79,000 per year. The US Department of Labor states that these positions are growing at a 10% rate faster than average, so there are lots of opportunities to find a position.

A perk of being an insurance agent, especially if you’re coming from a different career, is the vast amount of flexibility you will have. Instead of having to stick to a set schedule, like a 9-5, you get to handle your own schedule and time. And if you work with an insurance organization like Symmetry Financial Group, you’ll have access to a wide variety of products to sell to clients, rather than a singular insurance product. Symmetry agents are qualified to shop from 30+ insurance companies to offer their clients many types of life insurance policies plus mortgage protection insurance, final expense, disability, critical illness insurance, and retirement solutions.

In an age when more jobs are requiring less human interaction and becoming automated, insurance agents will always play a critical role, as clients want the opportunity to discuss their options with a trusted industry expert. Agents now have more options than ever before to connect with their clients.

While the sale of insurance has traditionally been done in the home, insurance agents at Symmetry Financial Group are able to work remotely and schedule appointments with clients online through video conferencing. This allows agents to connect with a nationwide audience while still maintaining valuable human connection.

Owning your own business

If you’re interested in owning your own business, you will be happy to hear that Symmetry Financial Group has the industry’s only true opportunity for agency ownership! We have taken what works and made a system for people to build their own business in a proven way. With Symmetry, you will have total ownership, meaning you can take full control of your business and build a legacy.

Are you ready to start or advance your insurance career?

Our insurance professionals get to experience the Symmetry difference daily. To learn more about what makes us different from the competition and why we have been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for five years in a row and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Company Culture list for 2017 and 2018, contact us today.

At Symmetry, we're proud to be much more than a typical insurance agency.


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