Designing the Perfect Home Office

May 27, 2021

One of the many perks of working with Symmetry as an insurance agent is the ability to work remotely and operate from your own home office. This means that you have the pleasure of skipping the time and frustration of a daily commute. Working from home also gives you the flexibility to design a space that will work optimally for you - helping you be efficient, productive, and happy in your home office environment.

Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your home office space.

1. Lighting

Don't make lighting an afterthought; it should be one of your first considerations. If you're setting up your home office in a dimly-lit corner, your workspace won't be much better than a cubicle. Whenever possible, position your desk near windows so you'll have natural light. Not only can natural light help elevate your mood and energize you; it can also limit eye strain.

Table lamps can help brighten your space when natural light is not available on overcast days or when you're burning the midnight oil.

2. Plants/Greenery

Even if you don't have a green thumb, adding some greenery to your home office can make you happier by causing your home office to feel like an extension of the outdoors. It's not just anecdotal; Time Magazine reported on a study that found workers who added plants to their workspace had improved concentration and a whopping 15 percent boost in productivity!

3. Storage

Many people who work from home struggle with storage space, but not having what you need within arm's reach can limit your productivity. Using a combination of horizontal and vertical storage can help you get the most out of your space, while making the space esthetically pleasing. Consider under-desk horizontal file cabinets or drawers. Attaching "floating" vertical shelving on the wall can help you keep your floor space while giving you the storage space you need for office supplies.

Some home office workers also add a mini-fridge or water dispenser for quick and easy access to refreshments all day long. Of course, working from home means your full kitchen is never far away, so you won't need to pack a lunch before heading to the office.

4. Personalization

You get to design your own home office setup, so put some thought into what you want to see on a daily basis. Choose office furniture that you like and find comfortable. Select photos and artwork that make you happy. Camouflage or hide things you don't want to look at (power cords, unsightly but necessary equipment, etc.). You have the opportunity to control your own environment - something most office workers can only dream about. Make the most of it!

If space allows, consider adding a comfortable chair or even a sofa near your desk for breaks. You may find that having somewhere to sit other than just your desk chair can help refresh you and boost creativity.

Adjust as Needed

Finally, it may take some trial-and-error and practice to find what will work well for you in your new home office. Don't be afraid to try something. If it isn't working for you, remember that you have the control and flexibility to change it up - whenever you want to!

Working from your own home is just one of many perks you can enjoy as an independent insurance agent with Symmetry Financial Group - one of the fastest-growing IMOs in the country. You could be setting up your own home office and saying goodbye to the stress and hassle of a daily commute in the near future.


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