The Evolution of Our Company

Aug. 28, 2020

Evolution is an exciting word in business as it means growth, development and opportunity as we look to the future of our company. Due to travel restrictions and guidelines, Symmetry Financial Group couldn’t host its annual National Conference, so in lieu, we hosted two national video calls in June and July with nearly all agents in attendance from their homes. On these calls, many exciting announcements were made about the evolution of Symmetry and what the future will hold. Read on for these exciting announcements.

Choose Your Path

Our new Choose Your Path model was designed to support agents as they achieve their career goals. Whether you want to build your own agency, focus on being a career producer, or your experience is a better fit for a wholesale model, Symmetry can offer a path to help you achieve the results you desire. With Owner, Producer and Wholesaler paths now available, any insurance agent can now find a home at Symmetry.

The Owner Path

The Owner path is Symmetry’s flagship track. As an Owner, you will be empowered with the support, training, and tools needed to be a successful agent and builder within Symmetry. The growth and success of your agency generates passive income for you and leads you to the ultimate balance of time and money.

The Producer Path

With the career agent in mind, your momentum and success on the Producer path is driven by the power of your pen. You will be equipped with best-in-class training, digital tools, and the most affordable leads in the industry to help you grow your business.

Owners and Producers at Symmetry Financial Group both get to enjoy:

  • Ability to achieve financial independence in 24 - 36 months

  • Access to industry’s top carriers and their product portfolio

  • Access to proprietary products, including Debt Free Life

  • Digital tools to drive leads and recruits

  • The industry’s only true agency ownership opportunity

  • Passive income opportunities with ongoing client engagement

  • World-class incentive trips across the globe

The Wholesale Path

The Wholesale path is designed for those in the industry who want to chart their own course. Agencies will be provided with the carrier partnerships, products and support needed to build their own business. With exclusive access to best-in-class technology and some agent enablement tools, your organization will be positioned for growth and success. On the Wholesale path, you will get to enjoy:

  • Access to industry’s top carriers and their product portfolio

  • Ability to license industry-leading technology and some agent enablement tools

  • Access to preferred vendors

  • And more!

Protect the Protector

As an independent insurance agent, you are usually responsible for finding and obtaining your own health insurance, but with Symmetry we are proud to offer all of our agents exclusive deals on health insurance with the My Health Policy Program! With this program, you can obtain day-to-day coverage and/or catastrophic coverage at premiums that are half the cost of the marketplace.  Additionally, you are eligible to apply for life insurance coverage through the My Life Policy Program, and Symmetry will cover your first year of premiums!

FastTrack New Agent Bonus

Our best-in-class bonus programs recently became even better! Symmetry's FastTrack Bonus + Carrier Kickers program rewards new writing agents like never before. New agents have an opportunity in their first 120 days to add $12,500 in bonuses to their income and secure an invitation to an exclusive Symmetry Destination Trip! We want to reward you for your hard work as you get started with us and help families get the protection they need.

Join a Team of Entrepreneurs + Define Your Own Level of Success

In addition to the exciting announcements above and with many options on your path to becoming an insurance professional, you may be asking, what sets Symmetry Financial Group apart from the rest?

One of the major factors that makes us unique is the fact that we have access to more than 30 different top-rated insurance companies. This gives us the flexibility and reach we need to truly meet our clients' individual coverage needs - we can tailor an insurance solution to any situation. Additionally, Symmetry has many unique product offerings such as our Debt Free Life solution and our SmartStart program that sets us apart from other companies.

Another factor is our in-house leads programs. We have the most effective and affordable leads in the industry, with Symmetry sharing in the lead costs. You will receive the support of omnichannel marketing campaigns that will elevate your brand and provide exclusive leads. Spend your time protecting clients versus cold calling them!

Limitless opportunity for growth

If you’re interested in owning your own business, you will be happy to hear that Symmetry has the industry’s only true opportunity for agency ownership. We have taken what works and made a system for people to build their own business in a proven way. With Symmetry, you will have total ownership of your business, meaning you can take full control and build a legacy – you can even pass it on to a loved one.

Interested in starting a career as a life insurance agent?

Our insurance professionals get to experience the Symmetry difference daily. To learn more about what makes us different from the competition and why we have been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for five years in a row and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Company Culture list for two years, contact us today.

At Symmetry, we're proud to be much more than a typical insurance agency.


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