Five to Follow: Podcasts for Insurance Agents

Dec. 30, 2021

In the world of business, there are countless experts giving their advice on the best paths to success. Podcasts have quickly become one of the greatest mediums for their voices to be heard. Whether these productions cover insurance, economic behavior or conversations on leadership, agents can learn a lot from podcasts.

Here we will break down five podcasts that can add something to every agent’s business. Some are specific to insurance while others discuss the minutia that makes up the trends in our economy. Regardless, each recommendation provides useful information that Symmetry agents can take away and grow with. Podcasts are also a great source of informational entertainment on your daily commute.

#1: 30 Minutes to President’s Club — No-Nonsense Sales

This podcast is great for insurance agents of all experience levels. Hosted by Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh, “ 30 Minutes to President’s Club ” gives listeners sales strategies that they can add to their wheelhouse of tactics.

Nick and Armand have a lifetime of experience between the two of them, and in every episode they tackle a different subject, often with a guest who adds their own experience to the mix. With over seventy-five episodes of sales academia, there is a wealth of knowledge for agents to learn from. Listeners can expect to learn how to negotiate like a veteran salesperson, start double dialing to conquer objections and get the playbook for running a sales process.

Each episode of “30 Minutes to President’s Club” is tailored to provide a sales course that will give agents tools to improve in their business. Anyone looking for an edge in the insurance industry will find valuable advice in their catalog of episodes. Best of all, every episode is under thirty minutes, giving you plenty of time to listen in between visiting clients.

#2: Planet Money

“Planet Money” by NPR is excellent for agents who are looking to keep a pulse on the nation’s economy. This podcast is a valuable resource to anyone hoping to stay informed and entertained at the same time.

Every episode covers a recent trend or discovery in the U.S. economy while providing insight into the behavior behind it. For agents, the psychology that gets packed into each iteration is valuable for handling your own book of business. With a new episode every week, there’s a lot to keep up on for listeners.

“Planet Money” covers topics like remote work and its effect on the traditional office space, America’s housing shortage over the decades and an explanation on how supply and demand affect the used car industry. While the podcast doesn’t often cover life insurance, the insights provided in each episode are helpful to agents looking to understand the psychology behind economic trends. That kind of knowledge can help you better understand your client’s thought process when purchasing insurance products.

Listeners can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter that comes out with every “Planet Money” episode for additional economic nuggets.

#3: Coaching for Leaders

The podcast “ Coaching for Leaders ” is hosted by Dr. Dave Stachowiak and includes knowledgeable conversations on the topic of leadership. In every episode, Stachowiak brings on a different expert to discuss how to thrive as a leader.

“Coaching for Leaders” has been a weekly production since 2011, and there are plenty of episodes to check out. Stachowiak has decades of leadership experience, but it’s the involvement of his guests that bring perspective to every episode. Recent episodes have included NASA astronauts, social psychologists and CEOs, each having their own insight on what makes a great leader.

Stachowiak’s podcast is a great resource for agents looking for advice on recruiting and building an agency. The conversations on each episode provide advice on managing a team, how to deal with an unsupportive colleague and how to develop trusting relationships in your business.

With over 20 million downloads, “Coaching for Leaders” is a management podcast that stands apart from the rest. Any agent hoping to sharpen their leadership skills will have something to learn from Stachowiak’s extensive list of episodes.

#4: How I Built This with Guy Raz

Another podcast from NPR, “ How I Built This ” is an exciting look into the journey of entrepreneurs as they built businesses that became household names. Host Guy Raz covers a different well-known company every episode and tells the story of the individuals behind its success.

The importance of these stories of success comes from the obstacles these founders faced. Raz covers the growth of companies like Mailchimp, Audible and JetBlue Airways. Each episode follows the hurdles of the men and women behind those companies and the hurdles they straddled to make them the business we know today. The best moments of “How I Built This” aren’t in the introduction of the problems these businesses faced but rather the persistence and solutions that their owners used to resolve them.

“How I Built This” is a great podcast for agents looking to build their own businesses. These sometimes-harrowing stories are built on inspiration and are a great way to spend your daily commutes.

#5: On Purpose with Jay Shetty

The last podcast on the list is an excellent resource for finding wellness and balance in your work and life. “ On Purpose ” is hosted by Jay Shetty, and every week he invites insightful guests to discuss ways to grow as a person inside and outside the workplace.

On the podcast, Shetty covers topics like career mistakes to avoid, six ways successful people spend their time and a list of things that confident people do differently. “On Purpose” invites guests like Jane Goodall, Oprah Winfrey and Danica Patrick to share their lessons learned. Each episode creates a dialogue between Shetty and his guest on how they handle their own mental health and the balance between personal and professional growth.

Each episode will give listeners insight into navigating personal wellness while striving for success. These conversations are full of advice for anyone hoping to find a positive work-life balance that gives them room to thrive. Symmetry agents will appreciate the wealth of knowledge from these giants in their field.

Listen with Symmetry

When it comes to growing oneself personally and professionally, there are never enough resources to draw from. Hopefully, our agents will find something in each suggestion that inspires them to grow their business and themselves.

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to personal and professional development tools to help you find your highest level of success. Our Thrive initiative will help you grow as a human and a leader, and our Impact program supports agents in their philanthropic efforts. Connect, our women-led initiative, encourages the women of Symmetry to connect and grow with one another. For your business, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. Along with expert-led training and technology provided for every step of your journey as a leader, you will have the tools and skills you need to reach your goals.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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