How to Become Debt Free Life Certified and Help Clients Eliminate Debt

Aug. 20, 2021

The Debt Free Life (DFL) program uses the cash value of a whole life policy to help clients tackle their debt. Through this program, Symmetry Financial Group agents can support their clients in their journey to eliminate debts incrementally and make their money work for them.

To that end, being able to sell Debt Free Life to your clients is a valuable asset to add to your wheelhouse. Most Americans face some type of debt, whether it’s credit card debt or student loans, and Debt Free Life is a great product to offer your clients to simplify the debt payoff process and get them on track to financial freedom. Becoming certified to sell Debt Free Life is simple through Symmetry’s streamlined virtual bootcamps, and our DFL software will give you all the tools you need to support your clients through the process.

Step one: Attend the Debt Free Life Virtual Bootcamp

Symmetry Financial Group offers a virtual bootcamp for Debt Free Life training and certification. The training features two days of Advanced Sales concepts covering how the product works, approaching your first appointment, and guiding your client through their debt payoff schedule.

At the bootcamp, agents will be briefed on concept training, prospecting tips and strategies to increase lead generation while overcoming objections. The training gives Symmetry agents the tools to motivate their clients to change their financial future. The bootcamp also includes an overview of the Debt Free Life software designed to support agents as they prepare a debt payoff plan for their clients while leveraging the power of a permanent life insurance policy.

DFL virtual bootcamps are convenient and available for agents interested in obtaining their certification; you can access the materials and tools you’ll need to be successful with this product all from your office or home. The bootcamp is also free, but agents must purchase the accompanying software to become authorized to sell Debt Free Life products. Debt Free Life bootcamp is mandatory for all Symmetry agents before any further training.

Step two: Subscribe to DFL software

After attending one of the bootcamps, agents will receive a registration email that gives them access to the DFL software. Agents can then decide to purchase a subscription for the software, which can be canceled at any time within the program.

With the software, you’ll be able to show your clients the exact month they will become debt free. You can also evaluate how much interest they’re saving with their customized plan  and you can illustrate the savings they’ll be accumulating for retirement.

Step three: Help your clients live a debt free life!

Debt Free Life gives your clients the power to take control over their finances. Beyond that, DFL provides your clients with a solution to reduce the amount of interest paid to lenders while growing a significant retirement savings account, all without spending more money each month.

With so many Americans dealing with different types of debt , there’s never been a better time to become Debt Free Life certified. Symmetry Financial Group provides an easy path to certification that will give agents guidelines and support for success.

Experience the Symmetry difference

Debt Free Life is a valuable product to have in your arsenal. With this resource, you can help your clients achieve a debt free life by making their money work for them!

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to truly meet clients' individual coverage needs.

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