How to Become an Insurance Agent (in 7 Steps)

June 5, 2020

A career in insurance sales can provide unlimited opportunities and growth potential. In today’s market, insurance agents can provide for their families while protecting their clients with valuable life insurance coverage. Even better, with competitive salaries and the option to set your own schedule and work from home, becoming an insurance agent offers a great work-life balance.

Getting licensed and prepared to start your new career is more straightforward than you might think – read on to learn how to become an insurance agent and open a lifetime of opportunities for yourself in a new career path.

Step 1: Consider further education

It is important to decide what tools you would like at your disposal in your journey to becoming an insurance agent. Two and four-year degrees in business or communication could be helpful assets to your growth. You might also consider taking online courses in marketing or business management to expand your business. Specialized education (including certifications) can go a long way for an agent in such a competitive market.

Step 2: Choose a specialty

Take the time to think about what type of insurance agent you would like to be. There is a variety of policies to specialize in, and a wide demographic of people you can include in your client base.

If you think you would rather assist the elderly, then final expense insurance could be an ideal policy for you to specialize in. If you are knowledgeable about real estate markets, selling mortgage protection insurance could be a good fit. If you enjoy investing or keep an eye on the markets, you could consider becoming licensed to sell annuities.

Step 3: Complete pre-licensing

Most states require some pre-licensing courses before you are eligible to take the state exam. These will vary state to state, so you will be responsible for researching what your state requires. Chances are you’ll need to complete 20 hours of an online or in-person training course, which you will have to pay to attend.

Classes have recently been restricted to online only during the COVID-19 pandemic: learn more about pre-licensing and exams for your state here .

Step 4: Complete your state exam

Next, you will need to take and pass the state insurance exam to receive your certification. Registration for the exam can be done over the phone or online, but you must take the exam in-person at an official testing location. The exam will test your general knowledge of insurance policies, as well as specific laws in your state. After passing, you will be able to print and use your insurance license.

Tests are still happening in person during COVID-19, depending on your state, while others are being rescheduled.

Step 5: Gain experience

Now that you have your license, you are certified to sell insurance! Your next step is to start adding to your experience as you are making your way to the job market. Many insurance companies offer additional training courses taught by veteran insurance agents. These courses can offer you valuable insight.

Step 6: Make connections

Your connection to your community will help build the foundation for your business. Putting in the effort to engage with your community can sharpen your communication skills while building important connections with potential clients.

Additionally, volunteering to help people in your community is a good way to become comfortable with many of the conversations you will experience in this line of work.

Step 7: Find your agency

Finally, you are going to want to apply for work at an insurance company, agency, or an insurance marketing organization. It is important to pick a company culture and atmosphere that you admire and enjoy.

Ask questions during your application process and get to know the people you’d be working with. What are the values you want to carry with you into your work as an insurance agent? Be sure that the agencies you apply to reflect those values. To that end, there are many insurance company rating websites you can visit to narrow down your choices.

Are you ready to start your insurance career?

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