How the Debt Free Life Program is Helping Our Clients

Aug. 21, 2020

Symmetry Financial Group’s Debt Free Life program has helped thousands of our clients get on track to financial freedom by paying off their debts. Through Debt Free Life, many of our clients have already paid off several of their larger debts and are saving money for the retirement of their dreams, all while being protected with valuable life insurance coverage.

How Debt Free Life works

Debt Free Life uses the cash value of a life insurance policy to help policyholders pay off their debts, instead of borrowing from a traditional lender.

With Debt Free Life, your life insurance policy provides a cash value savings that you can use to pay down debt, then when you’re finished paying off debt, you can save the balance for retirement. The best part of Debt Free Life is that you won’t be spending any additional money each month, so you can really focus on paying off debt and getting on track to being confident in your retirement savings plan.

Read on to see how our clients are finding success with the Debt Free Life program and how we can help you achieve financial freedom.

Marjorie’s story

Marjorie started out the Debt Free Life program with $500,000 in debt. It would have taken her 13.3 years to pay off this debt, but with Debt Free Life, it’ll only take her 8.1 years! Marjorie is excited to get on track to not only being debt free but also having money set aside for retirement. With Debt Free Life, she will also save $17,950 in interest, and by retirement, she’ll have $246,000 in the bank.

Shelly and Terry’s story

Shelly and Terry recently started their Debt Free Life journey. Before the program, they were $213,000 in debt, which would take them 30 years to pay off. Now, they will be debt free in 9.2 years! Overall, they will have saved $36,000 in interest. And even better, they will have $375,000 in the bank for retirement. They are both excited to be debt free in just a few years. Shelly adds, “We feel awesome, and we can’t wait to be out of debt!”

Patricia’s story

Patricia is a business owner based in Texas. She and her husband are a year into their Debt Free Life journey. When they started, they were $700,000 in debt. They’re on track to get that number down to zero, and in the process, they’ll save $124,000 in interest!

LaKeisha’s story

LaKeisha is a single mom with a college student and an eight-year-old. She started the Debt Free Life program to ensure she could get her daughter through college. When she started, she was $121,000 in debt. That debt will now be paid off in four years, and LaKeisha was already able to pay off both of her credit cards! Her advice for anyone interested is to “take a chance - if you want to be debt free, you need to put the work in, do the research, and just do it.”

Get on track to being debt free with Debt Free Life

Our clients are on track to paying off all of their debts on a schedule that works for them, and you can be too, with Debt Free Life. To get started, all you need to do is visit our Debt Free Life page and fill out our short form and a consultant in your area will get in touch to tell you more about a customized plan for your budget and goals. Let’s get started!


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