Impact Spotlight: How Agency Owner David Brown Made an Impact in Baltimore City

May 20, 2019

On May 16, 2019, Agency Owner David Brown made a significant impact in his community by taking the afternoon to deliver meals to the homeless population in Baltimore. Read our interview with David to learn more about his journey and how he was able to make a difference in his hometown for our first annual Symmetry Impact Day.

Question: Tell us about your day of impact in your community.
Answer: Since I couldn’t make it to the sponsored Habitat for Humanity event, I decided that I would put together about 24 lunches with sandwiches, fruits and goodies, and deliver them to any homeless person I could find in Baltimore City and the area around Fells Point, Maryland.

Question: How many people did you end up helping?
Answer: I delivered meals to 23 people! I walked for what felt like about 10 miles around Fells Point, and then got in my car to find other folks in need of a meal.

Question: What inspired you to make this effort?
Answer: Twelve years ago, my brother passed away at age 45. He was a very loving person with a huge heart for helping other people, and he loved giving back to his community. He spent most of his adult life helping others fight through the struggle of addiction. After his tragic death, we decided as a family to honor him by handing out food to some of the homeless in his neighborhood where he spent a lot of his time.

We did this for a few years to honor him on his birthday. However, over the years, we weren’t always able to make it out to the neighborhood. I was able to change that this year!

Question: Did anything stand out to you during the day? Any special stories or people you met that you were able to really connect with?
Answer: I was amazed that 90% of the people I met had something tragic happen to them that led them to be without work or shelter.  I was able to talk to each person that I met for a few minutes about their situation. Some said they had been without a home for just a few months and others said many years.

What stood out to me the most was how hard it was for many of these people to get a job, even though a lot of them were looking for work desperately. They said the biggest problem was no one would hire someone who wasn’t able to access conveniences we take for granted, like a place to shower or a vehicle to travel with. I now realize how difficult it is for many people to break this cycle.

Question: How would you encourage others to make an impact in their community?
Answer: I would encourage people to always treat others with respect and kindness. No matter how stressful your life might be, there are always people who need a helping hand or word of encouragement. Making a point to smile and say hi to everyone you meet can make such a huge difference. Take time to discover what an essential need may be in your own community and find a way to help fill that need. Mine was easy since I had a purpose and a reason to honor my brother.

Thank you, David, for your dedication to Symmetry’s core value of being of service and doing good in the world.  We are proud to have you on our team!


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