New Agent Slingshot Bonus Opportunity

Oct. 29, 2021

Symmetry is rewarding new agents who plan on attending our upcoming Reimagine 2022 Denver Conference with a bonus opportunity like never before! With the new Slingshot Promotion, agents can receive a unique bonus along with kickers that continue to increase their contract level and personal production. With this bonus structure, agents can achieve six months’ worth of promotions in half the time.

Agents can also make significant gains in cash bonuses and travel opportunities between now and our 2022 conference. There has never been a better time to get started as a Symmetry agent !

Slingshot Bonus

From now until the conference, agents are encouraged to meet a set of goals that will help earn them more income and chances for Symmetry Destination trips. The promotion comes with kickers that are essentially additional opportunities for agents to earn more. Each kicker of this promotion comes with its own reward, and altogether new Symmetry agents can earn up to $15k in additional income. Opportunities like this allow our agents to find quick success within our organization.

Beyond that, participants in our Slingshot promotion will also earn an additional 10% cash bonus every month on top of their usual compensation. This bonus structure is designed to slingshot our new recruits into success and an exceptional income.

Slingshot Kickers

This promotion comes with three kickers that are designed to challenge new recruits and reward them for doing so. Each kicker comes with a unique reward, and agents can participate in all of them. These kickers are designed to incentivize our agents to start strong with achievable goals and bonuses exclusive to Symmetry Financial Group.

Carrier Kickers

The first set of kickers are through our participating carriers. New agents have ninety days to make fifteen thousand in net premium to qualify. There are a total of four carriers for these kickers: Mutual of Ohama, SBLI, Americo and Foresters. Each kicker comes with a thousand-dollar cash bonus, for a total of four thousand dollars if agents complete each carrier kicker.

The Hat Trick

The next kicker category is an extension of our carrier kickers. Agents who complete at least three out of four carrier kickers can earn an additional three thousand dollars as a cash bonus. This kicker would be on top of the potential four thousand dollars they can receive as a cash bonus from the carrier kickers.

The Destination Kicker

The final category, the Destination Kicker, gives agents an opportunity to qualify for the next Symmetry Destination trip. Any agents who generate $45k in net placed premiums with any of the participating carriers will receive an invitation for them and a guest to attend the next Symmetry Destination trip. Agents have 120 days after creating an account with Symmetry’s CRM to reach the $45k goal. The trip itself is valued at eight thousand dollars and is a great incentive for new agents.

Get a head start on success with Symmetry

At Symmetry, we believe in giving our agents every advantage to succeed. Whether this is a suite of tools and resources they can use for their recruiting efforts or developing a bonus structure that benefits new agents, we strive to ensure you thrive as a member of our team.

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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