Quility Announces Second Round of Equity Appreciation Grants

Oct. 5, 2021

This year, Symmetry Financial Group is introducing a second round of Equity Appreciation Rights to select agents and corporate staff.

Quility , a leading technology-enabled independent provider of insurance protection and financial wellness solutions, announced today the second round of equity appreciation grants, including “gift grants,” to more than 250 individuals in the organization. Quility has now awarded grants to more than 360 people in the organization.

“We are a people-first organization, and we believe the best way to embody that value is to share the future growth and success of our company with those who are on this journey with us,” said Casey Watkins, Co-Founder of Quility.

In 2020, Quility announced the reservation of up to 20% of the company’s future value for select insurance agents, key new hires, and qualified corporate staff. The announcement of equity appreciation grants represents a unique opportunity within the insurance industry, promoting an ownership mindset among the insurance agents and staff responsible for the company’s growth. Subsequent grants for insurance agents are considered annually, and subsequent grants for staff are planned in alignment with new hires and promotions.

Quility holds the ongoing business, intellectual property and technology of both Symmetry Financial Group and Asurea Insurance Services . Backed by thousands of licensed insurance agents nationwide with access to over 80 insurance carriers, Quility provides clients with convenient access to professional advice and support. Quility's sales divisions include Symmetry Financial Group,  Asurea Insurance Services and Quility Wholesale.


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