7 Reasons to Begin an Insurance Career with Symmetry

Nov. 19, 2021

As you consider a job in the insurance industry, you may be asking yourself “Why choose Symmetry?” At Symmetry, we pride ourselves on all the benefits we offer our agents, including our Choose Your Path model that is designed to support agents as they achieve their career goals. Whether you want to build your own agency, focus on being a career producer, or your experience is a better fit for a wholesale model, Symmetry can offer a path to help you achieve the results you desire.


As with any insurance sales position, leads are the lifeblood of the business. When you join Symmetry, you will be pleased to know that we have the most affordable and effective leads in the industry, with lead share costs from Symmetry. Our home office subsidizes the cost of leads to help our agents at all levels, with lead options for every budget. With our in-house lead generation efforts, you will be able to spend your time selling, not prospecting.

Opportunity + Bonuses

If you’re interested in building and owning your own business, you will be happy to hear that Symmetry has the industry’s only true opportunity for agency ownership! We have taken what works and created a turn-key business model for people to build their own agencies in a proven way, providing limitless options for growth. You will have total ownership, meaning you can take full control of your business, earn both time and money with system-driven income and build a legacy.

Additionally, our best-in-class bonus programs have bonuses built around every level of agent, from our partners to those just starting out with Symmetry. Our new FastTrack Bonus + Carrier Kickers program rewards new writing agents like never before! New agents have an opportunity in their first 120 days to add $12,500 in bonuses to their income and secure an invitation to an exclusive Symmetry Destination Trip.


Along with traditional life insurance policies, Symmetry has proprietary products like Debt Free Life and SmartStart. With these unique offerings, you will be able to help clients eliminate debt in nine years or less without paying any additional money than they are now, protect and set children up for their future, help clients save for retirement and offer clients advanced market products like an annuity.

Find Your Work-Life Balance

In addition to industry-leading compensation, career choice and incentives with Symmetry, you will have total control over your own schedule and can work 100% remotely in the comfort of your own home. By choosing when to set appointments with current and prospective clients, you can set aside time to be present for your family and have the freedom to achieve a sought-after work-life balance.

Agent Tools, Training + Support

Unique to Symmetry, our FastTrack new agent training and Quility U programs are the best places for a new agent to get started in the industry. We provide the best, free training for you in all steps of your life insurance agent journey. Our cutting-edge technology enables our agents to generate their own leads, prospect recruits and manage their book of business, all from the comfort of their own home with telesales. Additionally, our unique Thrive and Connect programs focus on agent leadership development and personal growth.

As an independent insurance agent, you are usually responsible for finding and obtaining your own health insurance, but with Symmetry, we are proud to offer all our agents exclusive deals on health insurance with the My Health Policy Program! With this program, you can obtain day-to-day coverage and/or catastrophic coverage at premiums that are half the cost of the marketplace. Additionally, you are eligible to apply for life insurance coverage through the My Life Policy Program, and Symmetry will cover your first year of premiums.

Vested Renewals + Advanced Markets

When you join us at Symmetry, the book of business that you build is yours from day one. As you’re an independent insurance agent, the carriers are the ones who pay you for the policies you sell with them. If you retire or decide to pursue a different career, you will continue to receive the vested renewals on policies you sold that remain in force. Also, our team of certified agents that are highly trained in advanced market sales will aid agents in creating passive income opportunities with ongoing client engagement.

Join Us and Experience the Symmetry Difference

At Symmetry Financial Group, we maintain a people-first mentality that starts and ends with our agents. If you are thinking about becoming a Symmetry agent, you have already taken the first step towards finding a successful and fulfilling career. Our unparalleled benefits and connections within the insurance industry ensure that our agents have the resources they need to excel inside and outside of work.

To learn more about what makes us different from the competition and why we have been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for five years in a row and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Company Culture list two years in a row, fill out our short form to get more information on being a Symmetry agent today.

At Symmetry, we're proud to be much more than a typical insurance agency.


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