Relationships Matter, People Come First: How Agency Owner Steven White Made an Impact

Sept. 18, 2019

At Symmetry Financial Group, we strive to exemplify our core values every day, and in turn, we strive to celebrate those who go out of their way to put people first.

Through hard work and a dedication to helping others, Agency Owner Steven White was able to make an incredible impact in the life of his client, Jenny. In his efforts, Steven lived out our core value of “Relationships Matter and People Come First.” Read on to learn how Steven was able to use the power of life insurance to help his client find peace of mind during a difficult time.

Steven, an Agency Owner at Symmetry Financial Group, was recently informed that his client Jenny had canceled a life insurance policy that she’d taken out only two years ago. When he reached out to Jenny, he learned that she stopped paying for her policy because she was recently diagnosed with stage three cancer, and her chemotherapy treatments were so expensive that she had no room left in her budget to pay for life insurance.

The policy went unpaid, and coverage was terminated. Jenny had planned to work for two more years, but now she was facing a huge financial burden while fighting for her life.

Steven jumped into action, and after inspecting the policy details he explained to Jenny that her life insurance had a critical illness rider. This rider could potentially pay for a large portion of her medical expenses. Steven called the insurance carrier and explained the situation in detail. The carrier chose to reinstate the policy and reverse the cancellation, and soon after, Jenny received a death benefit that was enough to cover the cost of her treatments.

Jenny now has lifesaving money that she can use to get the best treatments, restore her finances and protect her legacy.

“This is the proudest moment in my life, and I feel as though we’ve really done some good in the world,” Steven says. “None of this would be possible without all the support that the Symmetry team provides, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Thank you, Steven, for all that you do to protect individuals and families. We are proud to have a team of agents across the nation who work tirelessly to ensure their clients are protected, even when the unexpected happens.


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