Women: Plan for the Retirement You Deserve

July 9, 2018

Every day, women continue to make significant strides closing the workplace gender disparities of the past. However, a recent study from The Transamerica Institute for Retirement Solutions suggests that women may still have a significant gap to close when it comes to retirement planning.

Of the findings presented, three facts really stood out to us.

Did you know that compared to men, women:

  • Might earn 20% less than their male peers?
  • Are less confident that they’ll be able to retire by 65?
  • Outlive their spouse by about 5 years? 1,2

We want to help you plan for the retirement you deserve. Your life, career, successes and challenges have all been unique. You deserve a unique approach to securing your long-term financial security.

Contact us or visit www.sfglife.com/retirement for more information on how to plan for the future and feel confident knowing your retirement plans are taken care of.

1 Transamerica Institute for Retirement Solutions

2 Business Insider


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