You CAN Afford Life Insurance

Oct. 30, 2017

One common misconception among people who don't have any life insurance is that they simply cannot afford to buy coverage.

According to LIMRA , 30 percent of U.S. households don't have any life insurance coverage, and only 44 percent of households have individual life insurance policies. While 40 percent of households realize they need to buy more life insurance, eight in ten of them say they cannot afford it or have other financial priorities. However, on average, people think life insurance costs three times what it actually costs!

How Life Insurance Premiums Compare to Other Expenditures

Young, healthy individuals are often surprised at how affordable life insurance can actually be. You may be able to obtain permanent insurance coverage for less than the cost of going out to lunch twice a week, or buying a daily latte or mocha at your favorite coffee shop.

Older individuals who aren’t in perfect health, may still qualify for affordable life insurance. Your Symmetry agent should be able to help you find coverage that will meet your needs and your budget, without taking all of the fun out of your schedule.

When you know how much you need to budget to pay your insurance premiums, you will know what you have left for discretionary spending. Best of all, your loved ones will have the life insurance protection they need.

Factors that Affect Life Insurance Premiums

The amount of your life insurance premiums will depend on a variety of factors, which include:

  • Your age at the time you apply for coverage. Insurance is generally cheaper the younger you are, because your mortality risk should be lower than that of someone with a similar health profile who is older.
  • The type of policy you are applying for. Term insurance is generally less expensive than whole life or universal life coverage.
  • Whether you smoke or use other tobacco products. Non-tobacco users may qualify for "preferred" or "super preferred" rates with insurance companies, making premiums even more affordable.
  • The amount of coverage you want.
  • Your height and weight, and your overall health profile.
  • Your occupation and whether you engage in hobbies or activities deemed "risky" by the insurer. Sometimes, insurers may issue a policy but exclude a particular activity from coverage.

You Can't Afford to Not Have Life Insurance

The grim reality is that, someday, each of us is going to die. Of course, none of us knows exactly when that will happen. In addition to the emotional cost that comes with the loss of a loved one, there is also a financial cost.

According to the National Funeral Directors' Association , the median cost of a funeral with a burial for an adult in the United States is $7,181; for a viewing and cremation, the median cost is $6,078. In some parts of the country, those costs can be significantly higher.

If you are like most people, you probably don't have a separate fund set aside to pay for your own funeral or other final expenses. When you have life insurance, you don't need to worry about how your loved ones will come up with those funds.

Of course, life insurance can be used for much more than just final expenses. It can provide much-needed peace of mind for your loved ones, providing a financial cushion so they can grieve without having to worry about how the mortgage payment will be made or how they'll be able to afford to pay for your children's college education, etc.

Discover How Affordable Life Insurance Protection Can Be

At Symmetry Financial Group , our independent insurance professionals are committed to helping people find affordable and sound life insurance solutions. We have access to insurance policies from more than 30 top-rated insurance carriers. That gives us the ability to tailor coverage to your needs. We take the time to find out what our clients' insurance needs are before trying to sell them insurance policies, so we can suggest coverage that won't break your budget.

To learn more and to find out for yourself how affordable life insurance can actually be, contact us online today, or call us at (877) 285-5402.


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