Agent Benefits: In-Depth Training

Feb. 3, 2023

Training for life insurance agents is critical to the success of interactions with clients, carriers and one another. With proper guidance, agents can develop interpersonal skills to help more clients, but training can also help agents grow their business , deploy effective marketing strategies and generate brand awareness for their agency.

Here at Symmetry Financial Group, we offer a host of training platforms, webinars and clear paths to help our agents achieve their full potential.

In this installation of Agent Benefits, we will break down what training and support looks like for Symmetry agents. From in-depth sales scripts to specialized Symmetry coaching, we pull out all the stops to ensure the success of our agents and the families they help.

In-depth support on HQ

HQ is our one-stop site for Symmetry agents . Supported by our parent company, Quility, HQ is a source of support, tools and information for our agents. Most importantly, agents can find all the training they’ll need here, regardless of their experience as life insurance agents.

There are resources to help newly licensed agents find their footing within Symmetry, and for experienced agents, there are tools to help them hone their existing skills while building a bigger business.

The training section of HQ keeps Symmetry agents on the cutting edge of the industry while giving them the tools and support to elevate themselves professionally.

Onboarding Agent Help Sheet

Fresh recruits have access to the Onboarding Agent Help Sheet on HQ. This short bit of training gives new Symmetry agents a checklist of what they need to successfully onboard with our insurance carriers.

The set of tips saves our new agents time and helps them get their applications processed as quickly as possible. The sheet even has a list of common errors for agents to avoid when submitting any new business.

Training webinars

The training section of HQ is also home to an archive of training webinars, calls and weekly meetings. Agents can peruse a long list of calls that cover new products, National Calls and how-to videos. They can also find links to upcoming calls that cover topics like advanced market training, builders' calls for agents adding to their agency and meetings with the founders of Symmetry Financial Group.

If agents can’t make a specific call, they can find a recording available on HQ. It’s a great resource for agents who are looking for specific knowledge to help boost their skills or learn more about a specific technology or product.

Scripts + forms

Having trouble with what to say and when to say it? HQ has you covered with a full section devoted to training scripts. With product-specific scripts, agents are given an outline of how to interact with clients, how best to describe the coverage and how to handle objections.

In the same section, agents have access to forms to help give their clients a thorough buying experience. The Client Financial Information Form helps Symmetry agents develop a clear picture of their finances to suggest the most appropriate insurance solution.

Among other helpful resources, agents can also find an Agent Activity Report that they can download and use for logging information from appointments with their clients.

Telesales training

With so many agents moving to remote work, HQ also hosts resources to help them adapt to telesales. They’ll find a list of best practices, full PowerPoint presentations they can use on virtual calls with clients and even Symmetry branded virtual business cards to send to clients.

Quility U

Quility U (short for university) is our premier training software which Symmetry agents have access to through HQ. This platform boasts a robust training center where agents leverage interactive simulations for everything from product solutions to agency owner training.

Within the training center portion of Quility U, they’ll also find virtual courses on wellness programs, onboarding guidance and home office staff training that lets new agents get acquainted with our corporate office.

Through Quility U, Symmetry agents can track their progress with an online report card, update their progress throughout their training journey and leave individual notes on specific training . As they complete courses, agents will receive certification which will appear on their Quility U profile.


One of the common hurdles that agents face on their path to building a successful agency is knowing what step is next and what’s needed to get there. Cue Summit, HQ’s training platform that acts as a “sherpa” for agents and guides them on their path to the top.

This step-by-step training takes agents through a range of activities, all of which are designed to build their knowledge and skills so that they can achieve all their business goals. Each leg of Summit has steps for the agents to complete, checkpoints with their mentors and milestones for them to celebrate.

Best of all, Summit supports Symmetry agents regardless of their journey as life insurance agents . Starting with the Summit Base Camp, agents are provided with the basic knowledge (equipment) they need to get started on their final summit of owning a successful agency.

Gamify your training experience

Summit brings a gaming experience to agent training. It takes an easy approach to give agents what they need when they need it and makes it fun! Every step, skill block and challenge are tailored to motivate agents to continue their journey and tackle the next milestone. Along the way, agents earn badges throughout Summit which are displayed on the HQ profile.

Learn more with Symmetry

Without proper training, it’s easy for life insurance to become stagnant and for agents to become ineffective in the field. It’s important to cover your bases, broaden your knowledge base and develop the experience that you’d only arrive at otherwise after years of working with clients.

Through HQ, Symmetry agents have access to a wealth of training that can help them sharpen their skills and effectively grow their business.

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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