Agent Benefits: HQ Walkthrough

July 8, 2022

At Symmetry Financial Group, supporting our agents is what we do best. We’ve developed training, technology and support services that allow our agents to make the most of their days and meet with more clients.

Our one-stop site for agents, HQ, is the embodiment of that support. On HQ, Symmetry agents can manage their entire book of business. There they can track their leads, check in on their agents’ performance and receive back-end support when they have questions.

HQ is a digital platform that keeps our agents in the know and ready to help families nationwide. Here we will walk you through all the tools at our agents’ disposal.

HQ — Powered by Quility

HQ is a platform that was created with the help of our parent company, Quility. With that kind of technological support, we’re able to bring our network of agents every kind of benefit, support and tech that they might need.

On HQ, they have access to carrier resources, product concepts and a homepage that keeps them caught up on everything from leaderboards to recaps of recent calls and webinars.

Track your clients and metrics

Symmetry agents have access to all their policy information with HQ. They can view any placed policies with information like annualized premiums, the transaction type and carrier and client information on the same page.

They can also fill out financial information forms to keep track of more specific client information like a list of assets and debt and add notes that might be pertinent to the policy.

Beyond that, agents can use HQ to view the metrics of all the leads they’ve worked with. Everything from personal production and close ratios to monthly sales data is illustrated through interactive dashboards. Symmetry agents can even set personal goals using these dashboards that update as they submit business.

Order leads

Through HQ, Symmetry agents can also create lead orders at their convenience. They can choose between several lead types, quantities and states to create the order that fits their schedule best.

In the same section of HQ, agents can also see the status of their orders, approve orders for their agents and track who they’ve been allocated to.

All the training

HQ is the best source for training for all Symmetry agents. There they will find comprehensive guides to everything from the best way to handle objections to scripts to assist with virtual sales.

Our agents can use HQ to have quick access to premier training software like QuilityU, our fast-track course to help newly licensed agents get onboarded and on to helping families in no time.

They’ll also find information on courses like Symmetry Coaching, which lends expert guidance to agents on the best way to become leaders in their organization.

In the training section of HQ, agents can also browse a catalog of calls and webinars hosted by experienced agents and knowledgeable speakers.

Last, Symmetry agents have access to HQ’s interactive training platform, Summit.


Summit was created to accelerate business results for our agents by providing an interactive training experience. Summit provides agents with what they need to learn, when they need to learn it.

This training platform is attached to the agent’s HQ account and will help them track all their personal goals as they go from a new agent to owning their own agency.

Using the imagery of summiting a mountain, our agents will find expert guidance in the form of their digital “Sherpa” who will guide them on the path to success with Symmetry.

Marketing has your back

Through HQ, Symmetry agents also have access to a host of marketing materials that will help them spread their brand and reach more clients.

In the marketing section of HQ, agents will find everything from branded assets they can use in their business and video resources they can use for recruiting to marketing request forms they can use if they have an idea that they want to turn into a reality.

They’ll find social media best practices, Facebook cover photos and branded email signatures to give them a professional touch in their communications.

Quility Tech

Symmetry agents also have access to several Quility technologies that will elevate their business and give them an advantage in the field.

Owner’s Circle gives agents a personalized web domain where they can use their request-a-quote tool for generating leads and driving traffic from social media.

With Power Dialer, Symmetry agents can increase their outbound productivity with this one-touch dialing system.

Then there’s Virtual Assistant, a management dashboard, that lets agents find reporting on unique riders, PPL, profit index and more. They can even use Virtual Assistant to allocate leads to their agents. Virtual Mentor helps agents while working with clients by finding best-fit products, generating real-time quotes and accessing on-the-go carrier information.

Benefits + Promotions

In the Benefits, Promotions and Bonuses section of HQ, agents will find detailed information on everything from exclusive health, dental and vision benefits to rewards for outstanding work with clients.

Here agents will have access to information on Protect the Protector , our comprehensive benefits package that gives them access to healthcare and life insurance where their first year of premiums are paid for.

Under promotion guidelines, they’ll find details on promotion requirements with specific metrics needed to advance as an agent,

Finally, Symmetry agents can also see all the bonuses they qualify for in our best-in-class bonus programs. All our agents have opportunities to earn cash rewards, qualify for destination trips and boost their commission with these exclusive bonus programs.

Experience the Symmetry difference

At Symmetry, we make it our business to support our agents in every way possible. HQ is the perfect example of how we’re always looking for ways to make their job easier and more efficient. Whether agents need quick access to training, marketing support or just details on what to do next, HQ is the place to find it all.

Symmetry Financial Group agents have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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