Agent Benefits: Value-Based Leads

Sept. 14, 2023

Leads are a major driving force for the success of any life insurance agent . Whether or not you have the ability to meet with interested prospects is huge in how your business and income will grow.

At Symmetry, this is something we’ve always understood. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to generate cost-effective leads for our life insurance agents. Our value-based leads system is a way to put interested clients in front of our agents at a price that makes sense.

We’re breaking down what our value-based lead system looks like and how it’s letting our agents make smart investments in our leads.

Leads to match your investment

Above all else, our value-based leads system brings you prospective clients that match your investment. Symmetry agents buy leads that are generated through verified sources, and if those sources don't meet our highest standards, we offer them at a lower price.

Our value-based leads system is designed to give our agents a 3-4x return on their investment. That means for every $100 they spend on our leads we estimate a $300-400 return.

We offer lead types at many different levels of investment. If an agent wants to spend money on more expensive leads, then they can ensure higher conversions. While those pricier leads will ultimately result in returns that match the investment, it's important that Symmetry agents are comfortable working with them first.

Find your way with Lighthouse Leads

Speaking of value-based leads to match your investment — Lighthouse Leads is a perfect example. These leads are sourced and generated through tightly focused search and social media campaigns . They target and deliver interested prospects to Symmetry agents with an emphasis on finding people who are interested in buying life insurance.

Lighthouse Leads are priced to deliver an average of 4.8x cash-on-cash return for our agents , with top agents seeing even higher returns. Every day, these leads are helping put interested families in front of our licensed agents.

Place your Lighthouse Lead order today!

Lead types for every step of your agent journey

Regardless of where you are in your agent journey, we have a lead type (and price) to match your experience — but more importantly your investment.

We understand that spending more on the most profitable leads isn't for all our agents. We've found that newer agents don't receive the same value from our high shelf leads. That’s why we have a wealth of leads that, while not as immediately profitable, come at a much lower price point for newer agents to get started with.

B leads, as they are called, help newer agents grow their business and their momentum. To that end, we encourage all agents to work on B leads before moving on to more expensive lead types. Not only are they a great place for recruits to start, but they make the more expensive leads more accessible after gaining that valuable experience.

Whether you’re a brand-new agent with Symmetry or have been in the insurance industry for years, we have leads that will fit your experience and journey at Symmetry Financial Group.

Diversify your lead portfolio

With our value-based lead system, diversification is the name of the game. By requesting different lead types at different price points, you're widening your net of opportunity. Beyond that, by working with multiple products like mortgage protection and life insurance leads, you're extending your reach to more markets, homes and clients.

Working with different types of leads is another way to diversify your lead orders. Mail-in and digital are just two lead types that can expand your order and your chances of being put in front of interested clients. Becoming comfortable with different lead types is a great way to develop confidence and will help in broadening your reach.

Given the growth of remote work in the insurance industry, it’s just as important that you’re working in as many states and territories as you can. By applying for non-resident licenses with the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) , Symmetry agents can work with multiple clients in different states all from the comfort of their home office.

Diversification in your lead order can be the difference between a thriving business and spinning your wheels on the same lead types. Expand your orders, expand your territories, expand your business.

Consistency is key

Consistency is key. While that is true for most aspects of being a life insurance agent, it is critical to the success of Symmetry agents working our leads.

Good weeks come with bad weeks — it's part of the agent journey. With that in mind — consistency is key. We've collected insights from over 3,000 Symmetry agents working over one million leads, and we can see that the numbers pay off — with consistency, success is inevitable.

HQ, your one-stop lead shop

Life insurance agents with Symmetry have one source for all their lead needs: HQ . On HQ, Symmetry agents can buy leads, track their progress and track which agents they’ve been allocated to.

Switchboard on HQ

More than that, Symmetry agents have access to our proprietary platform, Switchboard , on HQ. With Switchboard, our agents can create automated campaigns using inbound funnels for calls, texts and emails.

On Switchboard, agents will find training modules, support articles and live chat support so they don’t need to get bogged down in the growing pains that come with using new technology.

Best of all, Switchboard is free to use and is a perfect platform to discover the power of our value-based leads system.

Unlock the power of value-based leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any insurance agent. The quality and price of those leads can either hinder or elevate their business. That’s why we’ve developed a value-based leads system that our agents can grow with.

Our value-based leads provide a solid foundation for your financial growth. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a consistent stream of profitable opportunities. Experience the difference value-based leads can make in your career.

As a Symmetry agent, you will have access to high-quality life insurance, disability income insurance, critical illness insurance, and annuity products from more than 30 well-known insurance companies. This gives you the flexibility and reach you need to tailor plans to meet clients' individual coverage needs.

To learn more about how to begin a fulfilling career as a life insurance agent, contact us today .


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