Reimagine 2022 | Quility National Conference Recap

Sept. 1, 2022

Powered by our parent company, Quility, Symmetry Financial Group’s National Conferences are can’t-miss events that allow us to share our annual progress and celebrate all the wins our agents have made throughout the year. Our most recent Reimagine 2022 Conference was no different. Between exciting mainstage speakers and some impressive rollouts, we reimagined the future of our organization and the industry.

For the Reimagine National Conference, thousands of agents turned out to beautiful Denver, Colorado to help reimagine the industry. Hosted at the regal Bellco Theater, Symmetry agents traveled from all around the country to join the crowd.

If you missed out on this year’s Conference, then you might not be aware of all the exciting news, inspirational stories and tech rollouts we covered. Not to worry! Here we’ll break down all the highlights of Reimagine 2022 and where you can learn more.

Exciting speakers

Reimagine 2020 boasted a list of exciting speakers — from seasoned agents and carrier representatives to entrepreneurial minds who helped our agents rethink the possibilities of their business.

Experienced leaders like Edward Pritchett spoke about reimagining opportunity. Pritchett described his journey with Symmetry and how he acquired the tools to reach a level of success that most life insurance agents achieve in twice the time.

Our Senior VP of Advanced Markets, Mike Resma, taught the audience how to turn a customer into a client. Resma taught our agents how using three simple questions can help them connect with their clients and create more business.

Pritchett and Resma were just two among a list of speakers who came on stage to encourage, educate and connect with the audience.

Jeremy Miner

Chairman and founder of the global sales training company, 7th Level — Jeremy Miner also spoke at Reimagine 2022. During his time on stage, Miner helped our agents reimagine sales through the process of change and offered tips on how to become recession-proof as an insurance agent.

His book, “ The New Model of Selling ”, allows Symmetry agents to increase their success with clients by reducing sales resistance. During the event, Miner also offered attendees a discount on a year of access to 7th Level’s virtual-sales training portal where they can develop skills to overcome objections and more.

Chris Smith

Entrepreneur, speaker and author, Chris Smith, also had a chance to speak to the crowd at Reimagine 2022. Smith broke down the blueprint behind his book, “ The Conversation Code ”, which helps individuals grow their own companies. Smith is backed by a wealth of experience after working with startups and entrepreneurs, and now his book is taught in colleges such as John Hopkins University.

Smith was a guest lecturer at NYU and his presentation at Reimagine 2022 educated Symmetry agents on capturing the attention of their prospects through a modern lens.

Rob Dyrdek

One of the most exciting events of the Reimagine 2022 Conference was the conversation between our Founders and Rob Dyrdek. Dyrdek took the stage virtually with a streamed video call between him, Brandon Ellison and Casey Watkins.

The three discussed what drives a successful entrepreneur and Dyrdek gave advice on relentless self-assessments to better align your time and energy into your business. Through his Do-Or-Dier foundation , Dyrdek helps navigate business owners into realizing their full potential and building their brand. He was able to impart some powerful words of wisdom to the agents of Symmetry in assessing their ambition while growing their organization to its maximum potential.


Reimagine 2022 was full of exciting announcements that kept the momentum rolling during the event. Agents learned about updates to our training programs, new buzzworthy partnerships and rollouts to look forward to.

During the conference, our Chief Leadership Development Officer, Brian Williamson, gave us a tour of our virtual training platform, Summit. And agents got a refresher on our Switchboard platform, which improves everything from dial times to client engagement, completely online. In alignment with the Switchboard platform, agents also got a breakdown of Quility Digital Lead Orders, which validates and puts clients in front of our agents faster than ever.

The Reimagine 2022 audience also got a sneak peek into some future rollouts to get excited about!

Quility Strategic Ventures

Of the exciting future plans Reimagine 2022 attendees were privy to was Quility Strategic Ventures. Presented by a panel including our founders, Chief Revenue Officer Travis Shank and Chief Strategy Officer Mark Palmer, the highlight of Quility Strategic Ventures addressed how tech and quality data will lead to quality engagement between our agents and their clients while creating more business opportunities.

With plans of implementing Quility Strategic Ventures, our organization will have a dedicated platform for finding new ways of using tech to create this engagement.

Quility Term Plus

Over the last year our parent company, Quility, has partnered to bring our agents several new products to add to their wheelhouse. During Reimagine 2022, we announced plans for a new product to come out later this year — Quility Term Plus.

Partnering with Legal and General of America (LGA), agents can give their clients one of the most inclusive term life policies on the market. Quility Term Plus (QTP) will reimagine what agents can offer their clients going forward. The policy will allow for 40-year terms with up to $2 million in coverage, and clients can apply, with no medical exam for most, and receive a decision and policy in 15 minutes or less.

QTP will offer your clients table qualifications for coverage that are more accessible than any other policy they’ll find. With expanded payment options, a terminal illness rider and a very straightforward user experience, Quility Term Plus is going to help your clients reimagine life insurance.

Reimagine the industry with Symmetry

If you weren’t one of the thousands of attendees that made it to Denver for Reimagine 2022, there’s plenty for you to catch up on. Between exciting mainstage speakers and thrilling rollouts, a lot was covered. We look forward to reconnecting as an organization at our next annual conference.

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